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No evidence was found to show Chinese monetary

 authority intervention in foreign exchange markets over the past se veral months, according to the US Treasury’s semiannual foreign-exchange report to Congress. The May report summarized that China’s growth appears to be stabilizing on the back of recently enhanced supportive measures. The report expanded the number of countries it scrutinizes for curre ncy manipulation to

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alwai highly commended China’s achievements in its ref

form and opening-up drive, and said the country’s success has not only brought changes to itself, but als o has profound and positive influence on the world. Vanuatu firmly honors the one-China policy and supports the Chinese government in its efforts to realize peaceful national reunification, he added. oreign investors may get access to more

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screenshot of the “father sharing” mini programher” is also

While some netizens praised the story, others felt cheated for the home decoration advertisement afte r the video. Jiang Luxian, a lawyer from Chengdu, Sichuan province, said the advertisement probably violates relevant provisions of the A dvertising Law, and the creativity of “sharing father” is also improper for public order and traditions. Oppein, the creator

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“Learning to work together in an orderly, high trust

level, and supported by diverse interest groups will prevent conflicts among stakeholders in the South China Sea,” Santarita said. Scientists from China and other countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative will work together to enhance scientifi c and technological cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation, according to a joint declaration. He said Asia’s

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Boosting rural areas will help solve dilemmas of ove

rcrowding and rampant construction plaguing cities, and the development of cities will also offer unique ways to bring about rural revitalization,” Chen said. “As restrictions on hukou will gradually be removed, cities need to be well-prepared to offer accommodation and employment opportunities, and allow children of migrant workers to have equal access to education,” Chen

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The volunteer team, having stayed in Lunar Palace

an environmentally contained research facility where occupants simulated l ong-duration self-contained missions with no outside inputs for 200 days — broke the previous record of 180 days set by researchers in Russia. The team recently won a China May Fourth Medal. “President Xi has called upon young people to overcome hardships, and that is what

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The meeting highlighted the importance of implementi

ting the spirit of December’s Central Economic Work Conference. Macro policies should be stable, micro policies should be flexible and social policies should guarantee the basic needs of the grassroots people, the statement said. Macro policies should focus on promoting high-quality growth and stimulating market vitality. The importance of manufacturing’s high-quality development in stabilizing economic

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On investment, members of the cooperation mechan

nism will provide a fair and just environment and a level playing field for foreign companies doing business in their own countries by upholding the principl es of mutual respect, mutual benefit and fair competition, according to the guidelines. On the role and significance of China-CEEC cooperation, the guidelines said the mechan ism constitutes an

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Wudang Mountain attracts foreign martial arts ap

About 20 Chinese martial arts schools in the Wudang Mountain region have tra ined about 30,000 kung fu enthusiasts from around the world. Yuan Xiugang, a member of the Wudang Martial Arts Association, has taugh t over 60 foreign students since 1995. One of his apprentices, Jack, a 29-year-old from Ill inois in the US,

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year-old woman arrested after elementary school student

  Swiss police have arrested a 75-year-old woman in connection with the fatal stabbing of a seven-year-old boy on his way home from school.   The child, who has not been named, was attacked while walking alone in the north ern city of Basel around midday local time on Thursday, police said in a statement.   The boy’s

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